Soo, video from today! I thought that trot part was very very unbalanced, but on video it looks kinda average, but still you can see that in some places we rush a little bit. Despite the fact that I am sitting like a banana, test looks a lot better than it felt. The fact that we can do better  gets me very excited and motivates me to work harder. 

"Loose horse!"



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boy, are u dutch because amsterdamn

This makes no sense. Amsterdam is in Germany.

I’m in Amsterdam right now and lemme fuckin tell u it is not in germany

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hello! I love your account and your riding. I need some help, if you wouldn't mind clearing some stuff up. Last week I did a holiday program at a riding school I've never been to before. They told me to relax my knees and open my hips more, I did it and they said thats better. Then when I was kicking (I was riding a VERY lazy horse) my legs would flap around so much because they told me to loosen my knees but they said my knees flap to much when i kick! arghh I don't know what to do

Uhm, I find it very hard to explain everything in english, as long it’s not my mother language, but i’ll try. 

I am riding dressage, so everything is just about the ballance. Be sure that you are sitting in the centre of saddle, and weight is spreaded regularly on both seatbones. Then don’t forget that  yur inner thigh and knee should always be stick” to a saddle - you don’t need to squeeze saddle with your thights and knees, but you need to keep your thights and knees at right place. 

When you riding a lazy horse, never do massive kicks. It’s better to do a line of fast electric kicks, because it’s more encouraging than one hard smack from heel to ribs. If horse doesn’t react to leg, encourage it with whip, but yet don’t beat him, just do a line of fast electric smackies- booty -touches, and when doing it just use up your wrist, not whole hand, just wrist. When horse finally reacts, pat it, and then keep your heel shut, ride with calf, and use your heel only when it needed to. But yet, don’t hold your horse squeezed with your leg, just keep it in the place an follow the rythm. Encourage it with calf or heel when horse asks for it (some horses need more leg, some of them less), use more calf than heels, and whip should be used only at critical times. 

And don’t forget happy and active horse comes from the right and balanced seat.  So first comes the seat, then goes the calf, if horse don’t react to calf, there goes heel, if horse don’t want to react to the heel then comes the whip. 

I hope I helped you. 

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Not everyone you lose is a loss.
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*horse pins ears*
Non-equestrian: Omg! It looks angry! I should move away before it tries to bite me!
Me: You better wipe that expression off your face in the next 3 seconds or I’ll give you something to pin your ears at you little shithead.

His is so accurate it’s not even funny hahahha